Welcome to Another Chance Church!
This ain't your grandma's church!

At ACC, we don't care if you've been in church your whole life or if this is your first visit anywhere.  We don't care what you look like, sound like, walk like, smell like...we just want you here!  Not one of us is perfect and we don't expect you to be either.  Church is about lifting each other up, strengthening each other, leaning on each other; quite simply, it's about being family and doing life together!

You can visit once; the second time you're family!

Forget the rules, come meet Jesus!
What does that mean?

Living a Christian life is NOT about following a bunch of rules.  A relationship with Jesus changes you.  The things that are important in your life change and He becomes the focus.  Chrisitians don't live a certain way to gain God's acceptance, we live that way because we are transformed back into the image of God and His ways are now our ways.